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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  April 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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60's this afternoon. that is where we should be this time of year. 41 at the airport. it will pick up out of the west later today. we'll caught a mixture of clouds and sunshine with a high temperature near 67 degrees -- will caught a mixture of clouds and sunshine. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. we have some rain to discuss. >> good morning. not bad out there. a dry commute. we have a closure on greenmount avenue in the city. speeds around 58 as you travel down the west side towards 70 and beyond. so far so good on 95 through howard county down towards 32. a smooth ride overall. this is liberty road on the west side.
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very light so far this morning. a smooth start on the j.f.x. even through the construction zone. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> a baltimore mother is undergoing a mental health evaluation, accused of stabbing her mdaughter. jennifer franciotti >> has more. this happened at a social services office. >> it happened during a supervised visit. this unfolded around 10:00 yesterday morning inside the department of social services office. it is the office on biddle street where parents have supervised visits with their children. the baby's mother was visiting the child when she pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed to the
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child. police say she is expected to survive. >> you have to go through a metal detector. how did that happen? there were in protective custody. how did the child gets stabbed? >> the mother is in custody. she is undergoing a mental health investigation. how does this happen when there metal detectors? there are metal detectors inside the building. an investigation is underway to see how the mother got inside with the knife. >> a baltimore mother returns to work home but is later found dead. the body of the victim was discovered inside a home on monday afternoon. there were no obvious signs of trauma.
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neighbors say the victim moved out last winter. >> police make a third arrest in the st. patrick's day beating case. please arrested -- police arrested carter. aaron parsons is also in custody. >> i think people are talking about this case from baltimore to new hampshire. this captured national attention. this was helpful in the investigation. it energize people to get it involved and to call police. >> police have released a photograph of a fourth suspect. the trial for two more brothers
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is scheduled to begin. eli and avi werdesheim were supposed to stand trial on monday. the brothers with to a request and told a judge they would opt for a bench trial in baltimore. the defense said it would be impossible to find an impartial jury, believe a judge can conduct a fair trial. >> the governor will discuss the possibility of a state session to fix the budget. two extra sessions are not a possibility. the governor is open to hold two sessions to take up a bill to let voters decide on a casino in prince george's county. >> we agreed to come together and have a special session and
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have this matter resolved. >> we're open to resolve the budget in may and come back in early august to resolve the open questions on the gaming. that would be enough time for it to be on the ballot. >> all three agreed to special session should be called. >> it is a big day for the u.s. supreme court. there will hear on the controversial immigration lot of arizona. tracie potts has the details from washington. >> today, nine justices will hear whether it arizona can make -- >> to the objective is to make second-class citizens of u.s. latinos. >> they want to make it out to be racist and bigoted. it is the furthest thing from what our intention is. >> arizona claims the crackdown
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did with the government did not do. >> arizona is a success story. we stood up. >> this is an about somebody else's idea about what the rule of law is. >> it is a hot election year issue with the president who, -- promised comprehensive immigration law but has failed to deliver. >> this was an attempt to influence the court or to create a political sideshow. >> if the court upholds the law, democrats say it still introduced a lot that forces the rule. >> i believe it is to damaging and too damaging to our democracy to have 50 states doing 50 different things. >> republicans have their own plan b. neither is likely to pass before november.
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the lot is tied up in the court. from washington, tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 42 degrees on tv hill. ben bernanke gives an update on the state of the nation. >> another clean sweep for mitt romney, taking five primaries. what he says the president has failed on when we cover the nation. >> this is the beltway at greenspring avenue. more on weather and traffic when more on weather and traffic when we come back
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>> welcome back. 5:10. 50 degrees downtown.
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we have a few clouds this morning. no precipitation. it will warm up kilobit. it will be chilly to start. 37 in frederick. 41 at the airport. we should make it to 67 this afternoon. it will feel a lot better later today. the clouds will break up and becoming partly to mostly sunny into the afternoon. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. >> it is a clean sweep for mitt romney. he swept all five presidential primaries on tuesday, marching to victory in pennsylvania, new york, delaware, and ryrhode island. we'll have more in a report live from washington coming up at
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5:30. there will be hearing in washington, d.c., about the oversight of homeland security. janet napolitano is expected to testified. two more employees resigned yesterday. >> ben bernanke will give an update on the nation's economy today. he will decide whether to raise interest rates. interest rates have remained at record lows. this is still low until a least 2014. >> 42 degrees on tv hill. there is a chance you're lying and cheating with the purchases you make. >> stretching the truth about personal spending. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. some closures to report in the city on greenmount of
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. it is shipping a pretty well on the major roads as you travel this morning. some closures along greenmount avenue between 25 and 27 because of a filming projects. we're trying to figure out what they are filming. 65 on 83 southbound from shawan road. 59 traveling to the towson region. 60 on the west side.
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54 on southbound 295 down towards 195. we start with the west side. we're building a bit in the outer loop. a nice start down towards 95 on the southwest corner. this is the j.f.x. at north avenue. no problems to the construction zone. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning. >> good morning. we have delays on the 10 and 13 buses this morning. light rail looking good. no delays from the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. metro subway also on time. on time service on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines. i'm kurt kronke. now back to tony pann at. >> good morning. nothing happening weather-wise today. it is a chilly start. we will get the temperatures back to where they should be
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this time of year. 43 in catonsville. 37 in frederick. 38 in taneytown. 39 in parkton. a little bit of cloud cover. no precipitation. this should dissipate by the this we get to 8:00 p.m morning. there are some batches of rain that are pretty close to us. this one around minneapolis is our next storm system. it may give us a chance for some rain showers tonight. until then, we should enjoy some nice weather. a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be warmer than the last couple of days. high temperature between 64 and 69 degrees. that is around average for this time of year. the average high is 68.
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if you take the bothe, better than yesterday. still little choppy -- if you take the boat out. high tide at 9:56 this morning at fort mchenry. we could see some rain showers late after midnight. temperatures drop back into the upper 40's. scattered showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow. 50% chance. temperature around 70 degrees on thursday. it will cool off going into the weekend with temperatures into the low end of the 60's. the could be some rain early on sunday morning. we will say a chance for showers saturday and into early sunday morning and clearing up on monday and tuesday. temperatures get back to average. >> are you financially cheating
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on your spouse or partner? a new survey finds 37% of men and 56% of women admit they have lied to their partner about money. women are nearly twice as likely as men to hide purchases or receipts from their partner. i never heard of such a thing. one-third of women say they earned the money so they deserve to spend it. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. have you kept any financial secrets from your spouse or partner? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to if you have older electronics, thinkight want to sit
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about turning them into cash. you can get a traded or cash. hang onto all the accessories to get the most cash. steel and ids of infants and toddlers is a crime that is happening every day. >> children should be playing and not worrying about their personal information. thieves are trying to steal their social security number. >> this is big business and big money. >> as much as 10% of all the children have had their identity stolen. >> a child is an excellent child because there is an 18-year window of opportunity to use that information. >> and id thief can use it to take out a loan or apply for a job. >> it would not cross your mind
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to worry about her social security or her identity. >> parents are applying for their young children's social security number for taxes and other documentation, never thinking their children's identity could be at risk. >> you are about them crossing the street but not that their social security number is being stolen by somebody on a computer. >> you think it would be obvious a man would not have the social security number of a girl, but employers do not have any way of checking. social security numbers don't tell much about the age or gender of a person. little can be done to limit the number with a real person, whether they are 40 years old or four at days old. >> don't carry their social
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security card around with you. asked if an organization needs t before giving it out. >> a big quarter for apple. jane king has the bloomberg business report. good morning to you. >> they did it again. apple blowing away wall street estimates. profit nearly doubling last quarter on chinese demand for the iphone. selling 11.8 million ipads. apple is lowering its revenue forecast. some analysts have predicted a new work by phone will come out later this year. google was start selling a and set made by samsung -- google will start selling a hand sset
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made by samsung. google is stepping up its focus on smart phones. the federal reserve with a meeting today. people waiting on what ben bernanke will say at a news conference. futures are pouring into a bit of a higher start. a mixed close yesterday. the nasdaq fallen for five straight futures. cattle futures plunged yesterday on news of the mad cow case. coach seeing sales drop off a bit. they will boost the number of men's items by the end of the year. bargain hunters, bad news. putting an end to their factory outlet coupons. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. back to you. >> a popular tv show is "mad
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men." a hotel chain is paying tribute to that show. >> john hamm was here. he's just as handsome and person. if you have the name don draper, can get a free state at howard johnson's. the housing market may have hit a bottom. >> you met john hamm? >> i did not, but he was here. i wanted to interview him. >> check-in as don draper instead of john smith. thank you. >> 5:23. ceremony forward seve
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the baltimore police foundation. >> how the scrubber works to >> how the scrubber works to clean water in the inner i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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>> a new device is being used to help clean the water in the inner harbor. >> as the water flows to the trough, algae attaches to the screen. the clean water is pumped back into the inner harbor. >> we know that algae it removes nutrients. it is any costs into the water by doing what it normally does. we know it increases water quality but we don't know to what extent. >> students have created a scale
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model of the turf scrubber to conductor own research. >> recognizing employees and a special guest -- and still was the master of ceremonies last night for the baltimore police foundation awards. it focuses on improving efficiency and effectiveness. they contribute money for encouraging the development of innovative products. awards are given for exceptional performance. you have been doing that for a long time. >> last night was 22 years. special guests was cam cameron. what a nice gentlemen. "who are we going to take the first-round?" start working on draft day. me et you,
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>> 5:27. >> a baby girl is recovering after being stabbed by her own mother. >> after another big night, moronic goes into full general
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, weverybody. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thank you for joining us. >> stop administrative professional day. i'm glad you said that. weather-wise, things will get a
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little better today. still chilly this morning. we will make it into the upper 60's this afternoon. 41 at the airport. take a light jacket with you. a few clouds hanging around. a mixture of sun and clouds. high temperature 67 degrees. the average high is 68. we do have some rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that momentarily. >> he knows to go to me. he doesn't read the teleprompter. >> i cannot give away your secrets. >> we are tracking some closures in the city along greenmount avenue. they are doing some filming there and we're doing some research to see what they're filming. it could be "house of cards."
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65 miles per hour on the harrisburg expressway. north side running smoothly. problem free on the west side. 54 if you travel on 95 pass the airport at 100. this is 83 at warren road. very light this morning. no problems to report. we had a northbound problem yesterday. everything moving well on 70 to and from the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you at the desk. >> after winning five primaries, mitt romney is looking ahead to the general election. >> mitt romney and president obama took to battleground states. tara mergener has more. good morning. >> good morning.
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after piling on even more delegates to is already big lead, mitt romney can turn to the general election. a clean sweep for mitt romney on tuesday. >> tonight i can say thank you america. >> winning five primaries in connecticut, delaware, ryland. >> a better america begins tonight. >> sounding like the republican nominee, mitt romney made his remarks on prime-time tv from new hampshire, would be won first primary. >> what do have to show from president obama? is it easier to make ends meet? >> he is able to focus on building his war chest and battling president obama. dissatisfaction on the economy
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may make the president vulnerable. he told college students at north carolina and colorado to be patient. >> we still have a lot of work to do to rebuild this economy so that it lasts and it is salad and it is firm. >> president obama campaigned in iowa. mitt romney is stepping up his fund-raising efforts this week with stops in new york and new jersey. >> tara mergener, thank you. >> a mother is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after police say she stabbed her daughter. jennifer franciotti is live at city police headquarters to explain what happened. >> good morning. right now the mother is in police custody. an investigation is going on to find out how she got inside a
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secure building with a weapon. the stabbing happened about 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. they handle foster care. >> people were running. people were coming out screaming. >> she wants police and paramedics scramble onwhen called after a baby was stabbed. >> one of the workers had a bunch of blood on his leg. >> parents have supervised visits with their children in foster care. >> at some points the mother became irate, pulled out a kitchen knife and began stabbing the baby. >> baby was rushed to johns hopkins children's center. an investigation is underway to find out how the mother got in
5:36 am
with the kitchen knife. >> how can somebody get in social services with a kitchen knife? >> you have to go through a metal detector. how did that happen? they were in protective custody. how did the child get stabbed? she was supposed to be protected. >> the baby is supposed to survive. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the court of appeals struck down part of a state law letting police collect dna samples for anyone trying to commit a crime. rightsjay king jr.'s were violated and a sample of his dna was collected. they're deciding whether to appeal. >> 5 people are found dead and
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the causes carbon monoxide poisoning. the five adults were found inside the home on tuesday morning. inside the home were unusually high levels of carbon monoxide. officials believe gas seeped into the home and home had no detector to alert the victims. >> have the cold snap a few nights ago. 32 degrees on tv hill. you might remember chocolate to be good for you. research shows a cat help lower your cholesterol. >> a popular italian seasoning could help prevent a deadly disease. oregano's fight against prostate cancer. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. some closures along freemont avenue. avenue. we will let you know if
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp gasoline with invigorate.
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>> welcome back. 50 degrees downtown. you can see some cloud cover in that picture. we have some cloud cover but no precipitation. it should be a quiet morning. it is colder in the northern and western suburbs. 30's at west. frederick, 39 degrees. 36 in york, pennsylvania. 41 at the airport. it to turn warmer than yesterday this afternoon with high temperatures into the upper 60's. a mixture of sun and clouds. will come back and check the forecast going through the weekend. stay with us.
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>> and in greek and some of our favorite italian food could hold elp in cancer. >> it appears to destroy cancer cells. the study is preliminary. it appears to have huge potential as an anti-cancer agents. more proof that chocolate is good for you. >> researchers had adults eat dark chocolate or light chocolate which contains no cocoa. the white chocolate group -- researchers say dark chocolate appears to lower the risk of
5:42 am
cardiovascular disease. it is all about moderation. not whole bags. >> 5:42. 42 degrees on tv hill. the orioles reclaimed their spot atop the a.l. east. keith mills will have highlights. >> we'll be talking about the upcoming war of 1812 celebration when we come back. >> tony says it will be a dry day and the temperatures will
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. things are shaping up to be pretty nice on the major roadways. one problem on northbound 95 at the fort mchenry. order some debris in the right tube.
5:45 am
greenmount avenue and a shutdown because of a movie shoot in the city. are some of the story of tony's life in the city -- they are filming the story of tony's life in the city. traveling very smoothly on the west side. 61 as you make yourself on 295 approaching 32. this is the harrisburg expressway at warren road. southbound traffic is building just a bit but overall a smooth ride of the entire harrisburg expressway appeared the j.f.x. looks good to the construction zone. this is 70. east and westbound without delay to and from the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. for that we go to kurt kronke of the mta system. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're looking at this move commute on the rails despite some camden line delays.
5:46 am
penn and brunswick trains on schedule. the 10, 22, and 52 buses operating with delays. now back to tony pann. >> now they are joking about who will play me in the movie. i'm thinking brad pitt or george clooney. back down to a carrot top. >> mr. t. >> pee-wee herman. >> i was up here with pitt and clooney. man. i didn't hear that one. >> meatloaf. >> i had that for dinner last night. let's say hello to ava. who you think will play me in the movie?
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>> i think i will second pee-wee herman. >> you are killing me. avis is down at fort mchenry with ranger thence -- ava is down at fort mchenry with ranger vince. >> we're talking about the big celebration this summer, the 200 celebration of the war of 1812. it began in this area. >> it spread like wildfire. we will commemorate this june with a whole bunch of stuff that will sell off through the summer. >> he is full of jokes this morning. gas prices are astronomical right now. people can come there and experience this rich history of baltimore.
5:48 am
>> you can, or any matter of minutes. a lot to see at the ford -- a you can come here in a matter of minutes. a lot to see here at the fort. >> they declared war against britain. >> you want to get ready. look for "cast your votes" on a google search. >> people can cast their vote. >> you have different perspectives about whether we should declare war. into scott key was opposed to the war -- digit note francis francis scott key was
5:49 am
opposed to the war? we'll do a special declaration of peace. we will have representatives from canada, great britain, maybe even a sea lord from great britain, and officials from the united states to launch this bicentennial. we will see what the vote is. >> you can cast your vote beginning on may 1. would we have gone to war? will allow more information coming up. -- we will have more information coming up. the upper level storm is moving offshore. we will go back to tony. which would you vote for? >> either or.
5:50 am
i am a pick-em kind of guy. he is a ball of energy. >> he has so much to teach you. >> there are some money historical sites around here in baltimore. that is a cool place at fort mchenry. we will talk to next half-hour. weather-wise, nothing going on. 41 at the airport. 39 in parkton. it is a little chilly but not quite as cold as it was yesterday. take a light jacket with you. we have a touch of cloud cover. this is a disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. this will move off the coast. we'll have clouds and sunshine this afternoon.
5:51 am
we can see some clouds around minneapolis. it could bring us some rain showers as early as tonight, maybe after midnight. a mixture of sun and clouds. it will be a little bit warmer than the last couple days. high temperature between 64 and 69. that is closer to average. the average high temperature is 68. the record high is 94. into the weekend, scattered showers and thunderstorms on thursday with a high temperature near 70 degrees. it will get even warmer tomorrow. it will be cool over the weekend. all below average on friday, saturday, and sunday. there could be some rain on saturday. computer models are split. we will say a chance for showers on saturday and ending early on sunday. it will be kind of cool.
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>> 5:51. the orioles starter home stand on a good note. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them. [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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>> good morning. the orioles began at home stand like the did their road trip last week with a big win over the toronto blue jays. the orioles climb back into a first-place tie in the american league east. the orioles needed a big star from tommy hunter. this is a moon shot onto eutaw street. it stays fair and ties the game at 1. tommy hunter settled in and give one-run lead. that is because of this, matt wieters. it hits the wall and the ball carries into the stand for a home run. 2-1 orioles. jim johnson and the hospital.
5:56 am
pager's trip to close it out -- pedro strop to close about. >> it was a lot different than maybe how -- whenever you consider that a look back and there is a w next to name, you have to be happy. >> i tried to hit the ball the other way. >> matt wieters, a terrific player. birds in a four-way tie for first. metta world peace been suspended. let's check out last sunday. metta peace over kevin durant. he gets suspended for seven
5:57 am
days. he will miss the first six playoff games. no surprise on the suspension. >> it will cost him about $400,000. >> the man responsible for the biggest leaks in history. a judge may dismiss all charges. >> you maryland school superintendent is anxious to visit the county's schools. >> sometimes people are in a hurry to get somewhere but the driver of this car was not trying to take a subway. >> the investigation continues into
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5:59 am
>> the investigation continues


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